Indonesia is world’s biggest producer of barecores, The barecores of Indonesia company mostly in Java central


Barecore is usually made from sengon or Albasia wood from community plantations, cut and sent to the factory. We use wood materials that comply with international standards. Seamless, very safe for the user and the environment

Albizia Tree



We specialize in

1. Barecore (Albizia Wood)
2. Blockboard (Albizia Wood)
3. Furniture (Teak, Mindi, Mahony, Recycled Wood, Rubber Wood Finger Joint, Plywood Veneer, Rattan, Yute, Iron)
4. Parquet
5. Charcoal

“Barecore is an innovative construction material that is made from timber waste, one of the world’s most abundant natural resources. With the right manufacturing they can be use for any project

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Indonesia has various types of wood with their respective characteristics. Combined with the latest designs into beautiful furniture.
From Albizia wood we have created a new generation of wood composite panels. By using technology to replace 40% of the wood fiber from the lignin and hemi-cellulose in wood with recycled polymers, we are able to create panels with the same physical properties as wood and a more environmentally friendly production process.

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